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tv   Dw News  LINKTV  August 3, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> this dw news. president obama and his clean power plan. the u.n. praises the plan. also on the show islamic states school for terrorism. the exclusive story of how a 13-year-old boy was forced to undergo jihadist training and
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how he escaped and hard times for london financial high flyer sentenced to prison for 14 years for manipulating interest rates. good to have you with us. no more can the world say that the u.s. is not getting serious about climate change. today president obama unvailed his clean power plant which for the first time will severely restrict and reduce carbon emissions. renew energy laid out by the president as he warned his country not to wait any longer on fighting climate change. the move has been welcomed by europe and the u.n.
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the president declared war on coal. here's part of what obama had to say. president obama: we're the first generation to feel climate chat and the last generation to do something about it. and that's why i committed the united states to leading the world on this challenge. that if we don't get it right we may not be able to reverse. and we may not be able to adapt sufficiently. there is such a thing as being too late when it comes to climate change. and today we're here to announce america's clean power plant, a plan two years in the maker and the single most important step america has ever taken in the fight against global climate change. each state will have the chance
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to put together its own plan for reducing emissions. because every state has a different energy mix and the nerdier way to say that we'll be keeping 870 million tons of carbon dioxide pollution out of our atmosphere. >> that was u.s. president barack obama. let's go over to washington. it's no accident that president obama is pushing this clean energy plan right now. could you say that the political stars are aligned just right this time? >> i guess you could put it that way or you could simply say obama is now free enoug politically to ignore the alignment of those stars on this issue. he obviously faces no more elections and while he has extremely little power in congress this move side steps
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congress with the administration's argument that the environmental protection agency the body that has come up with these rules and will enforce them is absolutely within its rights to do so under legislation that goes way back to the 1970's. the republicans of course dispute that. many members of the coal industry dispute that 14 states and coal companies are going to be managing a legal challenge to all of this. so this is really one of those political battles in a way and moving out of the political should sphere and into a legal one. >> what about resistance to this plan and they're thinking of the 2016 2016 presidential campaign is it possible that they'll water down these provisions just to get elected?
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>> well, obviously we're now entering the kind of earnest phase of the 2016 election cycle and we have the first debate on the republican side coming up this thursday. 17 candidates taking part in two separate debates. you can expect an awful lot of noise from them against this by barack obama and the republicans are united against it. but there is not a huge amount they can do at this point. there are things that a republican president could do and fail to enforce the rule or could see about changing that legislation that underpins it that goes back to the 1970's. it's not going to make a huge difference. probably for the first time climate change will actually feature in u.s. election campaign with hillary clinton
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supporting these moves by barack obama. >> what are you hearing there? are they saying that this is the catalyst that is needed now to make the next u.n. climate summit successful? >> obviously the better experience in the last several summits it will be a brave person who says there is greater success. when you talk about stars aligning this is where you possibly k it's acting in concert with china at the last year the chinese leader came out with a kind of common plan looking ahead to the paris summit and this should be seen as very much part of that. something that barack obama did say during the speech saying the only reason china is taking it seriously as it is right now is
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because the united states -- a lot of people are looking at this alignment of the stars, the u.s. and china looking at it together. >> on the story for us in washington thank you very much. traditional energy versus renewables. the money is already talking. daniel. >> that's right. there is no doubt president obama's plans will have a major effect on industry and what is the world's number one economy. bring in our new york market analyst. what is the reaction from wall street on what is a rather revolutionary plan? >> yeah well, it is a revolutionary plan and we would see implication on wall street. if you look at the are you
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newable energy companies and solar companies those stocks dropped even with the proposal and then on the other side for sure it would be a huge thing for the coal companies in virginia. we had other cases already in the past couple of days. but for sure this is going to be a huge legal fight as well we already heard from about 12 states and the coal industry they are going to sue those plants. but it would have a massive implications on the broader energy industry. >> staying with energy doesn't lower emissions mean less oil consumption? >> well, we at least saw when barack obama came out with the pros poe /* -- proposal we saw
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oil prices fell a good 20%. now on monday oil prices dropped another good 4% not just because of the proposal from the u.s. president, but we also had weaker economic news out of china and the two u.s., so two countries the biggest oil consumers on the planet if it should waken it will effect the prices. so a lot of movement here in the united states and globally. >> in new york, thank you very much for the update. >> i'll be back later with more business news. for now though back to brent. >> thank you very much. now it a disturbing story of an iraqi 13-year-old boy who was sent to an islamic state
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terrorist training school. his minority was forced to flee to the mountains of iraq when they took control a year ago. the boys are back home with their mother and they're talking about why inside the classroom of i.s. terror. >> many children in the world will take an activity like this for granted, but for these two brothers it's a dream come true. they are escaped from islamic state last week. for seven months, 13-year-old was forced to train to become a future fighter. and it was brutal. >> they showed us beheading individuals and said this is how you hold the head and cut it. >> side was featured prominently in a propaganda video shot at the group's major training site for children. training went on nine hours a day and included military drills
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and ideology indoctrination. >> they told us your religion is bad and for in fidels islam is good. >> his mother still vividly remember the day they took him away. >> i cried and begged them not to take him. i didn't want them to take away his brother so i hid him. >> she had no idea what happened to him. he was forced to work for a local is. chief. >> one day they came and said do you know any of these boys? my mother said this is my son. >> it was the same propaganda video. amir used his authority to reunite him with his family. a month later he ran away with an
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underground mentor. he says he still can't believe it. >> i told myself if they send me to fight one day i'll open fire ati.s. fighters and run away. >> he says he tries not to think about the past. his biggest wish is to see his father two brothers and sister again. they were taken away by them last year. >> extreme monsoon rainfall is devastating parts of south and southeast asia. pakistan nepal, india, vietnam, all of these countries right now have suffered widespread flooding with dozens of lives lost and hundreds of thousands of people displaced. we take a look at the devastation of one of the most impoverished places in the
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region. >> flooding as far as the eye can see. hundreds of thousands have fled their homes. harvests are destroyed and farm land ruined. the response has been too slow. president has visited some of the hardest hit areas. many patty fields have been damaged. they find possible ways to support them and replace their losses. the water level is starting to drop slowly. the government team will try their best to help them recover and get their lively hoods past. rescue team. they're preventing aid from where it is needed. it shows how bad the situation is.
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but reliable information is hard to come by. communication instructure can be poor even at the best of times and could take days of the full extent of the damage to become clear. >> and that reporter gets an a for going for extra effort. hungarian soldiers have begun to build a fence from stopping migrants from joining a european union. most of the migrants are from countries affected by conflict such as syria, iraq and afghanistan. 20 people have been injured after two cranes fell into buildings in the central netherlands. they were on a barge trying to position a new canal bridge when they toppled over. emergency crews are still
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searching the rubble for victim you're watching dw news live from berlin. greece's stock market suffered losses after being closed for five weeks. is it all bad news for the country's battered economy&scandal in the german championship after a driver is ordered to collide with other cars during the race. we'll be right back.
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he calls it a big step but he's waging a war on coal. back up to daniel now. i hear they're buying and selling stocks in greece again.
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>> that's exactly right. for more than five weeks investors were stuck after capital controls were introduced. but when trading began the market plunged immediately losing nearly a quarter of its worth. >> the athens exchanged open facing the free market. the first day of trading was a disaster. within minutes the benchmark index plunged 23% and the biggest losers were shares in greek banks. emergency loans are all that is keeping them afloat. >> it is still positive. it is positive because bank
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shares open and weren't suspended. and it may be even another drop of 20-30%. from then on wards we should start returning to normality. >> that something that the athens exchange is far away from them. they're banned from using their savings to buy shares. one indicator of the fear still in this market. >> a trader was jaileded on monday for 14 years by a london court. the 35-year-old is the first person to be found guilty by a jury of rigging the benchmark lending rate. the judge said he was the ring master of a global network of traders and brokers on an industrial scale. >> the judge called him the center and hub of the
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manipulations. and when the going was good tom heys was a star. now the 36-year-old trader is going to prison for his crimes of rigging a key interest rate for profit. prosecutors said he set up a network of brokers and trainers spanning ten financial institutions to fix the interest rate. it's the benchmark for hundreds of trillions of dollars in financial contracts and loans worldwide. the scheme was exposed three years ago and series of banks were fined billions in penalties and included ubs of switzerland and u.s. based city group. heys worked for both the jury find guilty on all eight
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tkpwoupbts.counts. it's widely expected he won't be the last. britton started the sale of a 2 billion pound stake beginning the disposal of its holding in the bank seven years after a bailout. the greatish holds 78% of the shares after rescuing it at the taxpayer crash. >> germany's bmw and audi may be rivals in the premium car segment but they put it aside. the three luxury car makers have agreed to buy the navigation unit here for 2.8 billion euros. here is the biggest global competitor to google maps and provides the basis for the next generation of vehicles. >> to make the dream of self
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driving cars a reality they need intelligent mapping systems. enter the finished telecommunication system. they buy here and keep the service out of the hands of google apple and other companies that view it as key to their business strategies. in europe nokia here is used. the german buyers say they'll license technology to other companies. nokia here provides maps of 200 companies and regions around the world. google and apple already offer on board entertainment and digital mapping services through smart phones and tablets. google in particular has up the ante by developing a small self-driving car. and apple is said to be developing a car of its own
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complete with high resolution street maps. by snatching up here the german car makers have made it clear they will not let the american tech giants dominate the field without putting up a fight. >> thank you very much. nigeria's army said it rescued 180 hostages over the weekend. they were seized from the militant group south near the border town. now for days there's been fierce fighting in the area as the nigerian army tries to drive them from bases outside the city. this image shows some of the hostages that the army has
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recapture recaptured. many of those captured in recent days are women and children. but there are no reports that the school girls are among them. we want to talk a little bit about that. our correspondent joins us now. good evening adrien. this is a rare success story for the nigerian army. does this mean they're making substantive real success in pushing them back is this >> that's what we could observe over the past few months shortly before the elections. the military started to gain ground on the battle fields in the northeast of the country. this is of course quite a positive development; however, there are two less positive points. one is that we still only have one source of information from these areas and this is the nigerian military and they have
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not always proven to be reliable. it's not possible for journalists to go to the battlefield and confirm whether it is true they're gaining ground. and second point is that they shifted their strategy to guerrilla warfare. they're attacking markets in the north of the country and also neighboring countries like cameroon and using young girls and women as human bombs and it's difficult for the military to prevent those attacks. >> there is still no sign of the hundreds of school girls who were kidnapped last april. why has it been so hard to find those girls? are they lost forever? >> well one of the reasons, they were kidnapped in april last year. so this is almost 500 days ago now and many people believe that they're not together in one big
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group anymore but split up and despite the fact that they lost territory, they still are in control of huge parts in the northeast of the country here. they have a lot of hideout places where possibly those girls could be. there's another interesting aspect. the president made a statement last week and he said when it comes to release of the cheaper girls he would be open to start talks with boca and that might be another option in the future. >> adrien thank you very much. >> the motor sports the german touring car series, dtm has been rocked by a scandal involving one of the drivers. during sunday's race in austria, the driver was ordered via team radio to push raoeulivals off the track during the race.
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>> timo push him out. four words that have caused a scandal. the driver followed orders instigating a collision intended to deny the leead in the championship. not the first time teams have ordered their drivers to cause a crash. in 2008 a driver was urged to crash a driver into the wall in the grand prix. teen manager was subsequently baned from formula one. the german motor sports federation has yet to rule on the team or the official who made the call. but with driver with paramount safety it seems a draconian punishment is on the cards.
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>> we saw three world records fall on monday all of them set by women. sweden has broken the 100 butterfly for the second time to win gold. she beat the record she set on sunday. earlier on monday american teenager teenager claimed the record medley record which stood since 2009. just to look at the other top stories. u.s. president barack obama has announced plans to drop carbon emissions. his opponents say he's waging a war in coal. i'll see you again at the top of the order.
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ur -- barack obama's after america pot biggest polluters, slapping mandatory carbon targets on power plants, saying climate change is the greatest threat facing the world. 1700 migrants tried to cross the channel


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